Wooden blocks, popscicle sticks, wooden hanging parrot toys with a parrot-safe bell are all good choices for chinchilla toys. Chew toys with treats inside are not a good idea since you cannot easily monitor how much “junk food” the chinchilla is getting, unless you only give that toy to the chinchilla for a few minutes as an occasional treat. Do not give a chinchilla parrot toys that have rawhide pieces.  If you acquire a toy with rawhide pieces, you can simply remove the rawhide and then give the toy to the chinchilla.

Chinchillas love those heavy plastic ferret balls with several round holes in them. We hang them inside the cages from a chain and the chinchillas play and sleep in them. Wooden leapin’ ledges and hidey houses can also double as toys since they chew on them, bounce/play on them, and sleep on/in them. A scoria stone and a piece of lava rock are great “toys” that help keep their teeth worn down.

Many chinchillas love a wheel to run on. Most of the chinchilla-safe wheels in local pet stores are all plastic. It is ok to get one of those but they do usually get chewed to bits eventually. There are many all-metal chinchilla-safe wheels available on the internet and those are a good choice. You do need to get a wheel with a solid running surface no matter what the material is.

For ideas and sources for toys, type CHINCHILLA TOYS in the search box on this page. To check out sturdy wheels, type METAL CHINCHILLA WHEELS in the search box on this page.